Dieet-wereld - een wereld met lekkere dieet recepten

Word jij "lekker" gezond


Squash has acquired popularity as a sport worldwide. An indoor sport which requires the use of racquets, squash is played by two players in a four-walled court with a small, hollow rubber ball. Squash is a fast-moving sport and is an excellent cardiovascular workout. It is a game that can be played at any age and is easy to learn. There are many modified game types and various equipment can be used to suit every size and skill level, enabling squash to played as either a leisure or competitive sport. Squash has even been recognized as the number one health and fitness sport.


Do you want to know whether you have what it takes to reach the top and are not shy of accepting a challenge? Join the internal competition of S.V. Muurvast. Every week you are able to play several games against other students. The number of people you can challenge is plenty, because of a pyramid structure. Next to improving your skills, you will also get to know other students quickly.

wat hebben we nodig

One of the main goals of the association is to connect squash playing students in a simple and attractive fashion. To accomplish that, every member is introduced to the squash pool. Here you are able to notify others when you have some free time and are looking for a partner, but are also notified when someone else has a free spot in his/her agenda. This makes squash a sport which is easily combined with a busy schedule and before you know it, the number of squash partners has doubled.


Have you already been playing often with the same partner and are you ready to expand your skillset? Next to the squash pool to practice and come in contact with other squash players, there is also the opportunity to get guided practice. In five successive weeks, you and another student will be taught tips and tricks and improve upon your current skills. These skills will in turn help you climb the pyramid and make you a fierce competitor in the squash pool.


A sport association is not only to facilitate sport but also to enjoy life. You play with many different people and along the way you will meet a lot of new people. Only meeting in a competitive setting on a squash court can change your opinion about someone. Therefore, we also have activities that doesn’t involve squash. You can learn people in another way and even meet people where you didn’t played squash with before. Become part of the squash society and learn en meet friends.

Hoe begin je met lekker eten en afvallen?

simpel, gewoon beginnen met koken!

Het lijkt altijd moeilijk om wat lekkers op tafel te zetten. Op dieet-wereld bieden we je graag recepten van alle niveaus aan. Dieet recepten die je uit de diepvries kunt pakken en kunt opwarmen tot restaurant waardige recepten. Mensen associëren dieet recepten vaak met konijnenvoer en smaakloos eten. Daar brengen wij graag verandering in. Begin vandaag nog en start met de makkelijkere recepten..

makkelijke recepten

Altijd inspiratieloos?

Vertel ons bij welke supermarkt je boodschappen doet en je ontvang heerlijke recepten voor die week om lekker mee te koken. Veel mensen herkenning zichzelf in het beeld: “wat moet ik vandaag weer eens koken” en staan radeloos in de supermarkt. Met onze nieuwsbrief heb je altijd een back-up op zak en kun je razendsnel door de supermarkt om thuis een heerlijk dieet recept op tafel te kunnen zetten

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snijden van groente 40%
Marineren 10%
garen 20%
managment 10%
Bord opmaken 20%